How to Measure for a New Iron Fence

Fig. 1

Fig. 1

1. Locate the boundary lines of the property. Decide exactly where you want your fence to be located.

2. Use marking paint mark the ground where the centers of all post holes will be.

3. Determine gate posts location. Gate posts should always be the first post to set.

It is important that you properly plan before constructing your fence; you don’t want to run out of materials halfway through your install. To properly estimate the number of panels needed in your fence, you have to determine the following important factors regarding your fence:

Fence perimeter

Fence perimeter is the total length your fence will run. If the area that you need to enclose is a rectangle, the perimeter is the total length of all four sides. In order to get this measurement, all you need to do is measure along the fence lines until you arrive where you started. Jot down this information for later use.

Landscape slope