Why Choose Kodiak Iron

Does it really matter what type of steel my Iron Fence Panels are made from?

YES!!! Do not be fooled into purchasing a lesser-quality iron product. Many manufacturers and suppliers sell cheap iron panels made of raw steel that is powder coated. Do not be fooled by companies offering you a NON-GALVANIZED iron fence panel. It will rust very quickly! This is the main reason why Fence Supply Inc. proudly offers Kodiak Iron fence panels, which feature top-quality, pre-galvanized, zinc-coated steel.

Is all powder coating the same?

This is a common misconception, but the answer is an emphatic NO!!! Just because a supplier or manufacturer tells you they offer a powder-coated product, it does not mean it equals the finish of Kodiak Iron fence products.

Two factors affect the effectiveness of a powder coated product:

  1. The cleaning process of the product before it is powder coated
  2. The quality of the powder coat

This is why we use the DuPont Alesta® powder coat, to ensure a quality finish.

Paint vs. Powder Coat Finish

The performance of any organic coating (paints or powders) depends on the pre-treatment, resin, and pigmentation. With steel, the pre-treatment is of utmost importance. This is why organic coatings for steel should be factory-applied. With any painted steel product, the most important factor is the application and cleaning of the product. Using the DuPont powder coat insures quality as well as virtually no VOCs, no hazardous waste, and up to 98% product utilization. DuPont Alesta® powder coatings are the environmentally responsible choice.

Why not use Aluminum Fence?

Strength and Durability—steel is much stronger and more durable. A Commercial Iron Fence Panel will weigh approximately 90 pounds, whereas the same style made of aluminum will weigh less than 20 pounds. With just normal property maintenance, aluminum fence can become damaged by normal lawn equipment, whereas steel can take much more abuse. Many Aluminum Fence Panels are so lightweight that you can bend them with your bare hands. In addition, they become very brittle if a picket is bent.

I have found a cheaper iron fence panel!

Don’t be fooled by cheaper iron fence panels! Many of our competitors cut corners. We want to offer you the best combination of quality and price for your iron fence and driveway gate project. Kodiak Iron fence products are designed to offer many years of use at a very competitive price, without sacrificing quality. Kodiak Iron fence panels, gates, posts and hardware are built from pre-galvanized steel. This technology is also used in the automotive industry and allows many years of use without having re-coating.

Getting Started

Fence Supply Inc. is here to help. Give us a call and we will make your fence project a success. While many of our competitors will try to trick you and hide behind fake names and dishonest marketing tactics, you can count on Fence Supply to be honest and treat you right.

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